It is unlike any other entrepreneur books, this eye-opening success guide for entrepreneurs takes a historical approach to offer you a guide for success in the 21st century. By taking a stroll down history avenue, you will be able to:

  • Step Into The World Of The British Raj Throughout History
  • Understand Why The British Raj Could Not Succeed
  • Conceptualize The Political, Social, and Religious Reasons Behind The Partition
  • Crush Common Misconceptions About British India
  • Embrace Your Own Family’s Journey From Hardship To Success
  • Stop Using Excuses And Focus On How You Can Turn Your Life Around
  • Succeed In Your Life By Finding Inspiration & Motivation In Abz’s Story

What Makes This Self-Development Book So Special?

While other entrepreneurship books, self-help books, and motivational books only offer you theoretical advice on how to improve your life, Abz has decided to take more practical approach. His thought-provoking journey from the Indian subcontinent to the West Midlands will help you understand how real-life people have dealt with real-life problems and found real-life success. Check out following link to know about THE BRITISH RAJ TO BIRMINGHAM.


How to Get 1000+ Reviews on Just Eat App in Six Months 

Have you ever thought about opening a takeaway food business? That’s what Abz Jalil did, and just six months later he had gained almost 2,000 reviews on the JUST EAT app. JUST EAT is a leading, online food delivery service, operating in 11 countries worldwide serving 22.8 million customers the widest choice from 87,000 restaurant partners and over 100 different cuisines. Abz is no stranger to achievement reaped from hard work. Before launching his Mexican takeaway in the UK, he was already a successful motivational speaker, business coach, author, and entrepreneur.

In this book, Abz shares some of his valuable tips, tricks, and advice on how to create a thriving business, particularly if you have limited funds when you set out. His positive, level-headed style carries you along his journey, as you learn there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it, no matter what.

From the very beginning with your choice of cuisine, to location, pricing and the critical importance of reviews on a site like JUST EAT, Abz gives his priceless, no-nonsense advice which could help you, too, run your own successful and profitable takeaway restaurant business.

If you are thinking of building a takeaway business, you must not miss this invaluable guide. Grab it today, and find your place in the exciting, rewarding food industry.  As Abz quotes Steve Jobs in his earlier, unmissable book The British Raj To Birmingham: From Hardship To Success, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” so what are you waiting for? Read this book, get out there, and make your mark on your local takeaway map right now!