Story Behind EYE of the TIGER means that your hunch is right, though. It is about a feeling of confidence and power.

The ‘eye(s) of the tiger’ actually refers to what the tiger’s prey last sees prior to being killed. It’s a reference to impending death of the prey. When a tiger ‘goes in for the kill’, it turns it’s ears backwards, showing the spot on the back of each ear, i.e. the ‘tiger’s eyes’. If you see ‘the eyes of the tiger’, you are already dead.

This picture is of the back of the tigers ears. All tigers have these spots. Pray you don’t see them when the tiger is facing you.

In terms of the prey, you want to turn it around into what you really want or desire that you would RISE UP, go the distance to succeed however difficult the challenge is perceived to be!

Just as we know the tenacious tiger has had to be to survive.

No one does EYE of the TIGER like Abz.

His approach to life, business & motivation is unique. Yet it works. He fires people up from all walks of life giving them permission to do the very thing they know they should be doing.

An amusing, thought infuriating, enormous energy motivational speaker, who stands out to all kinds of people from schools to BIG BUSINESSES take him seriously.

Yet he’s more than just a speaker, he’s NLP Practitioner One to One SUCCESS COACH.

In 2005, Abz has been offering housing management services to local authorities and large housing associations, UK.

In 2014, Abz owned various online businesses and there were highs and lows but majority of them were hugely successful. He is a BIG FAN Network Marketing and completely understands how the industry operates.

In 2015, Abz co-founder of Panka Walla Restaurant, which is now Number One TRIP ADVISOR Walsall, UK, and also, co-founder of Quickbitez, which is now number one on JUSTEAT Cradley Heath, UK.

He is also working on two books and will be releasing by very soon.

Abz’s approach with audiences means that they UNLEASH their passion, INSPIRE their life, business, career, and ACHIEVE their goals.

There are lots of ways you can work together with Abz.



The Millionaire Mind Intensive Weekend from 16th to 18th March 2018 at IBIS Hotel, Earls Court, London

Book a Motivational Speaker

My ultimate goal as a motivational speaker is to change people profoundly on an emotional or mental level and to help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves.

People naturally tend to focus on all their problems and I will help an audience to focus on the many opportunities instead, by using any number of persuasive speech tactics to inspire and motivate.

My speech normally covers the following topic:

  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Diversity
  • Inner strengths
  • Team Work
  • Goal and Vision Process
  • Identifying critical success factors
  • Developing and Continue of Learning
  • Communication
  • Awesome Leadership
  • Humility
  • Feedback
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Inspiring and empowering
  • Innovating
  • Desire and Persistent
  • Resilience
  • Calculated risk
  • Financial Freedom
  • Recognition and reward

Book 1 -2 -1 Success Coach

I am trained Success and NLP coach and I will help client’s craft strategies to achieve what each client defines as success.

Example 1, one client might want help overcoming burnout, while another might want help taking risks necessary to bring in more business.

I can also help a client adapt to overwhelming success that is already being achieved.

Example 2, a young entrepreneur with a fast-growing new business might need help to overcome self-doubts and manage his business with confidence and balance.

What I want to achieve for my clients who want specific, external returns on investment.

Example 3, an academic success coach might talk about developing effective study habits and focusing on academic strengths with a university student in order to help the student reach a certain grade point average.

Example 4, executive success coaches focus on leadership skills. Executive coaching often includes the executive’s supervisors or other people from the organization.

Why do you want to choose me as your success coach?

I will bring the eye of the tiger in you and guide you to your own success.

As you read my biography, I went from failing high school to achieve Master Degree level. From not having a job to now which I am hugely proud of owning four business both tradition to online businesses.